Monday, December 28, 2009

'Your Choice' or .'..and then he left.'

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While in the trees high, the birds all sing
We met on a sunny day in spring.
Your gleaming eyes, so stunning and grey
Just smiling because I had nothing to say.

In the green grass, we used to slumber
The hot sun shone; it was summer.
You played the guitar until the fall of night
Being with you just felt so right.

Automn arrived; leaves change color
When I'm talking, you just mutter.
Definitely, you are just one of a kind
Strange, how could I've been so blind?

Walking trough the snow, hand in hand
Somehow I knew this would be the end.
Softly whispering, I hear your voice
'Please... This is my choice.'

The wind, it blows and I keep quiet
Instead I try to hold you tight.
You unwind and push me softly away
My eyes are begging you to stay.

You turn around and simply leave
Your departure is something I could never believe
Who knows if we ever meet again
Hopefully, I'll be over it by then.

<3 .ladybird

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