Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Moon...

A good friend of mine did a trailer for New Moon and I have the urge to share this video with you out there. Please watch it!=) I think that it will please every Twilight-series fan...^.^


Thursday, April 16, 2009

From Alice with Love...

Dear Jasper,

Already by now I can say that this letter will please you.

I remembered how we both met in that particular dark pub, the expression you had on your face and the surprise in your eyes when I told you that you kept me waiting for a long time and then how you smiled when you took my hand. From the first moment on where you appeared in my visions, I was desperately searching you and I couldn’t wait for the nights and days to go by. For the very first time you felt hope, I found my new strength. I will never forget that very special moment and if I say never then I mean it.

Actually I want to say thank you. Thank You for everything… and more. I don’t know if you can sense how much it means to me to have you by my side, but you can be sure that it is very very much. You are the most important in my life because you are my life. I’ll do everything that is possible to keep you away from any danger and I rather die than to let you get harmed. Although I never expressed it in words but you should know that I love you more than anyone or anything else in this life.

If I was able to dream, I would dream of you; how you hold me, how you smile when you sense my happiness and feel joyful too, the way you look me in the eyes to express your love because words aren’t enough or how you try to protect me when you sense danger. I couldn’t ask for anybody better. Although we both got our little flaws, we seem to be the right kind of wrong for each other. I am such a fashion victim and turn in to a pain in the neck when it comes to clothes and accessories. (Yes I know what you all are thinking of me when I start to check your clothes and wardrobes) You, Jasper, are still the ‘old’ Gentleman from the South whom you used to be while you were still human. (You should know by now that I am as strong and invulnerable as you although I seem to be so fragile)

Jasper, I may be wrong but I know that you are aware of me lying to you sometimes but you should know the reason why: I sometimes don’t tell you what I do see exactly or how some situations will end because I want to protect you. Just imagine my life continuing without you; it’s impossible. I couldn’t bare it and I do miss you already in every single minute I don’t have you with me. So if I should once fail and lose you forever then be sure that I will follow you because your way shall be mine as well. I know that you don’t like it when I’m saying something like that so I apologize because I love you, but you should know that it’s true.

Thank You Jasper for everything; the joy you brought to my eternal life, the love I give and get every single day and the feeling of not being lonesome because I have you by my side in those long lasting nights. I am blessed to get and to have you in my life, forever.

With endless Love,

Your Alice

[Explanation: Jasper is my absolute favorite character of the Twilight-series and that's why I really wanted to be at least once in Alice's place. I suppose she would probably write in the same way to Jasper, but this is how I would write to him too (if Jasper was mine and I was a vampire). =)]

Friday, April 10, 2009

Edward's Lullaby

(to the music of "Kiss the rain" by Yiruma)

[Explanation: I found that Edward should have a Lullaby too, not only Bella, so I put myself into Bella's place and wrote a Lullaby for Edward Cullen I hope it comes at least a bit close to what Bella would like to express in a Lullaby for Edward...=)]

(with the linked video, my lyrics start at 0:33, so you can try to sing along if you want to...^_^ )

When I look in your eyes, those shiny golden eyes
Your face so wonderful, pale white, beautiful
Then my heart skips a beat, I look to my feet
And I ask myself why you chose me?

And now we’re here, have you in my arms
It feels so good; I’ll never let you go away from me
The daylight fades, with golden grace
And I hope you’ll stay for another night

Where ever you may go, be sure I will follow
Without you by my side, for certain I’ll die
Life only does make sense, when I feel your hands
Hear your tender voice, smell your sweet breath

You are so powerful, so fast and mystical
So brave and kind to me
You’re sure this should be?
None of us felt like this
Even when we kiss
I need to hold you tide to know it’s real

And now we’re here, standing hand in hand
No one will ever be able to break our secret band
The enemies come, we will stand strong
Defend our love from whatever may come

From twilight till breaking dawn, together we’ll be strong
For saving each other’s life, we forget our own pride
You are the world’s best gift, my all and everything
I love you from the bottom of my whole heart

When I look in your eyes, those shiny golden eyes
Your face so wonderful, pale white, beautiful
Then my heart skips a beat, I look to my feet
And I ask myself why you chose me?
And I ask myself why you chose me?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

left outside alone

(the words of a man... on the street.)

Alone. Is it the appropriate word?
Lonely. Another adjective to add?
The rain pores. My heart beats flat.
Nowhere to go. Nothing I could afford.

Strolling down the streets. Hurting my feet.
Cold and Hunger. My constant companions.
I used to dream I was among the champions.
Among them I shone like a bead.

I used to have a job, a family.
In short: a perfect life.
Suddenly it all ended in a big strife.
Now. They do live happy in Italy.

Daydream. My daily entertainment.
Unemployed and broke. My daily situation.
My shelter and bed: a bus station.
My life a constant torment.

(sorry for possible mistakes =])