Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peter Pan Syndrome*

[Picture belongs to briberry.]

*Don’t think this really exists.

„Childhood is the Kingdom where nobody dies“ Edna St. Vincent Millay

I think I suffer of PPS (= Peter Pan Syndrome). What? You don’t know what that is? Well then, I guess I need to explain it to you:

My disease is the fact that (in this case) a girl or from the society considered as a young woman doesn’t want to be an adult. Well no, that’s not formulated right; it’s more that I don’t want to lose the fun parts of being a child when I’m an adult. I like to be an adult (if that’s what I am) because it has its good and its less good parts and with childhood you can find the same. It’s that I consider myself as a “not yet ready to be an adult” person. I like way too much stuff like fairytales, invent stories, try risky things and leave free way to my unlimited imagination. The fact that I can go nuts for some fictive person, love stars, butterflies and rainbows or need to put a smiley on the end of my sentences don’t make things any better. But still I am lucky because I just suffer from a light form of the Peter Pan Syndrome: I haven’t yet reached the point where I run the streets screaming ‘I do believe in fairies!’, no, basically I switch between being a child and being an adult. I’m still capable of being serious when it’s necessary and think rational about different topics. But most of the time I laugh and smile and am a bit silly here and there; I come up with sometimes very strange but funny ideas and say what’s on my mind, doesn’t matter how weird it is, without thinking it over.

I’ve always been dreaming of being the very first Lost Girl; I even left my window wide open every night, but unfortunately Peter Pan never paid me a visit, for what reason ever. Now I wait for Jasper Hale or Edward Cullen to invade my room, but till now: no sign. (Yes, do call me crazy ;))

If you knew my age (forget it! You never question a Lady about her age ;)) then you probably declare me as mentally disturbed or something like that. Hitherto I never felt appropriate to my age; I always feel younger than I actually am and the good thing about it is that I even do look sometimes (and especially in pictures) like a smiley kid. I hope it stays that way cause when I’m like 40 or so, I’ll still look like 20 or so.

Strangely I have the feeling that I’m not the only one who has PPS…xD

.ladybird <3

Monday, May 18, 2009

Letters... (part. 1)


* What would my everyday life be without you?! With whom should I be silly even in public without getting embarrassed?! I couldn’t be without my Happy Emo! =) Thanks for listening and helping me out and being there for me. Twilight brought us even closer than we were before and now we are something like inseparable which is kind of good. With you I can walk in to a restaurant and order in English although they only understand French, start to stalk unknown people just because they perhaps might be a Cullen-family-member, laugh for hours about nonsense, take Twilight-pictures out of boredom with disguise and everything, start to sing our favorite musicals or just simply sit in a car on a parking lot and enjoy the silence until we burst in to a laugh. Thanks a bunch for being there! You are awesome! Twilight series 4ever! x) <3

* I’m so glad that Internet and ‘MySpace’ had been invented! Without those I think I would have never ever got to know such a great and simply wonderful person like you are. I love your personality and your character, the fact that you are so patient with me: for explaining an unknown world to me, making clear to me that I’m once again overreacting or simply letting me talk although I get on your nerves. For letting me see a positive in every situation that life offers us and for introducing me to new worlds of music. Thank You! Thanks for being a friend when so many others let me down. Thanks for still being reachable to me although you have a girlfriend and your time is limited. Thanks for being there when I’m in need of somebody. Whatever will be, you can count on me and be sure of my support! You are hyper-cuul and my favorite Struwwelkapp!x) <3

* Hm, although you have an obsession of spending nights in discos, clubs, caf├ęs or on parties because everyone else does it and is considered as ‘oh so cool’, I still like you and like to spend time with you while you’re ‘back in town’. It’s great to go and do shopping with you and exchange the newest gossip. Thanks for accepting my tardiness of sometimes an hour because you know that I’m not doing it extra. I know that you aren’t the kind of person to do no matter what stuff in public because you think way too much about what the others will think of you but still it’s fun to be with you. Thanks a bunch for being my friend. <3

Your .ladybird