Friday, March 6, 2009


[I wrote this poem some years ago. =)]

Maybe we were perfect together,
Although we were never meant to be.
Maybe we were just all that we needed,
And nobody recognized it, only we.

Two wrongs just make One right,
But for this, we both had to fight.
We could do whatever we wanted to,
As long as you had me and I had you.

All our friends just made fun of us,
But we were laughing all along.
We always had much to discuss,
But those times are all gone.

You bought me diamond rings,
All kind of those things.
They never meant something to me,
I never asked for it, so this did not have to be.

It’s just another of those days,
Drenched in anger and tears.
Cleaned up your last trace,
And with it, went all of my last fears.

I saw you with her tonight,
She looks like your perfect bride.
The girl that took my place,
Starres now at your face.

You called me your everything,
Now, I guess, it’s her turn.
Time has come, I’m worth nothing.
If it’s like this, so, no need to yearn!

I just want to be happy,
Never done something wrong.
Now, I feel so very crappy,
Someday, maybe happiness will go on.

[Note: there might be some lines where I could have done better, but the fact that I'm not from an anglophone country makes that I'm not so fluent in the language. =)]