Friday, December 11, 2009


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Everything‘s splendid and everything’s nice
I understand You although I ask twice
You know what I mean without me speaking out loud
Sometimes it seems as if we sit on our own cloud.

Everything’s good and everything’s bright
Never was there a reason to fight
Always a sentence saying ‘I like you’
Always a reply saying ‘Today, wow, isn’t the sky blue?’

Everything’s ok and everything’s fine
Still silence although it is past nine
Unspoken thoughts, unheard wishes
Conversation is only beating the bushes

One gets so brave, one gets so tough
The truth comes out a little rough
Unprepared, my heart, it breaks
Guilty, your head, it starts to ache.

Misinterpretation of your lines
Convinced that You were somehow mine
Could have made such a good match
But just one of us… misread.

ladybird. <3

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