Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's day / Single Awareness day

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Tomorrow the whole world will look once again through pink eyeglasses for a single day and the flower shops will do benefit like on no other day throughout the year. Cards will be sent, chocolate will be bought… and many singles will ask themselves: 'Why me?'

Strange how one single day among 365 other ordinary days can destroy your self-confidence within a heartbeat? This one day is able to bring you from "I feel good as I am, even as a single" to "I'm the ugliest person that ever existed and nobody wants or even loves me!" How can this be? I mean, how is it possible that strong independent people (mostly women) come to such a conclusion about themselves just because it's a day dedicated to love?! Yes, you read right: Love NOT Couples! Ok, for sure there’s nothing wrong about having a sweetheart and love that person as much as possible, but why should singles feel depressed on that day?! I don’t get it…

No, no, I know what you are thinking, but I can tell you: this girl is a single since a very long time! I can remember that I felt this way when I found out that not all the boys are idiots and what love means or at least how it feels (because I'm still not sure what love really means…). Those innocent teenager years where I thought having a boyfriend is an absolute must and that without one I'll be the greatest loser! Thank God that my opinion about that changed quite quickly and into a good direction; you don't need someone by your side just to prove something to the others, or even worse, to prove something to yourself. Ok back to the main topic…

Why should spending Valentine's Day on your own pull you down and doubt your abilities and skills? Perhaps you're not the most beautiful girl or boy, but you are a wonderful person in your very own way and you should never ever forget this! Look around and what do you see? Ah! People who like to spend time with you, who love you although it might not be in the sexual way you perhaps long for, but still they do love you! They are called family and friends and you should be grateful to have them. Valentine's Day is the 'day of Love' (as mentioned before) so that's why we should tell our family and our friends that we love them and that we are glad to have them around and being able to spend time with them and if you have a boy- or girlfriend, even better! Spread the love!=)

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love not to 'be in a relationship', not to 'gifts', not to 'be depressed and sad for not being in a relationship or not getting presents and/or cards'. Nor should it be the only day in a year where you really pay attention to all your beloved ones. Every day you spend time with them should be special and you should let them feel this.

Wow! So glad now I got this off my chest...=) I think by repeating this to myself I will survive every single Valentine's Day that still may come in my life.

Happy Valentine's Day!=)

<3 .ladybird