Monday, December 28, 2009

'Your Choice' or .'..and then he left.'

[picture from here ]

While in the trees high, the birds all sing
We met on a sunny day in spring.
Your gleaming eyes, so stunning and grey
Just smiling because I had nothing to say.

In the green grass, we used to slumber
The hot sun shone; it was summer.
You played the guitar until the fall of night
Being with you just felt so right.

Automn arrived; leaves change color
When I'm talking, you just mutter.
Definitely, you are just one of a kind
Strange, how could I've been so blind?

Walking trough the snow, hand in hand
Somehow I knew this would be the end.
Softly whispering, I hear your voice
'Please... This is my choice.'

The wind, it blows and I keep quiet
Instead I try to hold you tight.
You unwind and push me softly away
My eyes are begging you to stay.

You turn around and simply leave
Your departure is something I could never believe
Who knows if we ever meet again
Hopefully, I'll be over it by then.

<3 .ladybird

Friday, December 11, 2009


[picture found here ]

Everything‘s splendid and everything’s nice
I understand You although I ask twice
You know what I mean without me speaking out loud
Sometimes it seems as if we sit on our own cloud.

Everything’s good and everything’s bright
Never was there a reason to fight
Always a sentence saying ‘I like you’
Always a reply saying ‘Today, wow, isn’t the sky blue?’

Everything’s ok and everything’s fine
Still silence although it is past nine
Unspoken thoughts, unheard wishes
Conversation is only beating the bushes

One gets so brave, one gets so tough
The truth comes out a little rough
Unprepared, my heart, it breaks
Guilty, your head, it starts to ache.

Misinterpretation of your lines
Convinced that You were somehow mine
Could have made such a good match
But just one of us… misread.

ladybird. <3