Wednesday, April 8, 2009

left outside alone

(the words of a man... on the street.)

Alone. Is it the appropriate word?
Lonely. Another adjective to add?
The rain pores. My heart beats flat.
Nowhere to go. Nothing I could afford.

Strolling down the streets. Hurting my feet.
Cold and Hunger. My constant companions.
I used to dream I was among the champions.
Among them I shone like a bead.

I used to have a job, a family.
In short: a perfect life.
Suddenly it all ended in a big strife.
Now. They do live happy in Italy.

Daydream. My daily entertainment.
Unemployed and broke. My daily situation.
My shelter and bed: a bus station.
My life a constant torment.

(sorry for possible mistakes =])

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