Monday, February 23, 2009

first blog x]

wow! I found my way to blogspot...=)

I always wanted to blog, in other words blabber a bit about my life although it may not seem that interesting as most people would think it is, but still it's my life and I'm trying to get out the best of it. Perhaps some may think that a diary would suit me better, problem is: I'm not comfortable with a diary and I never mention to keep up with one...=S When I have a diary in my hands and something good in my head that I would like to write down, I immediately get the urge to start with "dear diary," and that's already something that annoys me from the beginning on.

Something I need is an impersonal diary which contains nonetheless my experiences, thoughts and ideas and much more. Something where I can just write down whatever comes to my mind and someone perhaps responding with a good advice or simply an intelligent comment. So that's how I came on blogspot.

I'm not a good speaker at all, not to say a terrible one! When I need to speak in front of people, my voice get so low that not even my direct neighbour or someone sitting in the first row is able to hear what I have to say and it's not because I don't have something interesting to tell, no, it's just because I'm getting shy and don't want to do a mistake or something. That's why I prefer to write and read from a sheet than do "a one woman show" and tell everybody what's on my mind...=)

Extraordinarily & freaking silly, that's me...x)

.ladybird <3

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